Using these Lists

Hypnosis is a skill anyone can learn. Erotic Mind Control is a skill anyone can learn. Powerful and automatic Dominance is a skill anyone can learn. Eager and conscious Submission is a skill anyone can learn. When a Man seeks mastery and improvement of himself, we should reach out a hand and help him to see what we see.

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Read Me First! - The Golden Rule

Whatever books you read, always follow and put into practise the Golden Rule:
For every 1 hour that your spend in dedicated study, you must spend 2 hours practising the techniques."
It sounds simple, but you would honestly be amazed at the people who simply don't follow it, and end up overloaded with "book knowledge" and unable to put it into practice. Any one of the Five Methods below count towards "Putting it into Practise". 

The Five Ways We Learn

The ideas in this section are taken from Gary Hoovers excellent book "The Lifetime Learners Guide to Reading and Learning".






Study - What you would think of as traditional "book learning", periods of time alone and free from distraction with the text, reading it, thinking on it and forming connections and relationships with things you already know.

Conversation - Earnest and enthusiastic discussion of a books ideas and concepts with other people, or yourself out loud. Discussion groups, phone calls, dinner, etc.

Observation - Carefully watching what someone else is doing, taking notes, asking questions, and seeing things from different angles. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

Experimentation - Taking the pressure off, creating a safe atmosphere of fun and play, and going through it, without taking yourself too seriously.

Cognition - Time alone in deep though, often while walking without a screen or unconnected with technology, a relaxing walk through nature is excellent for this.

Combine multiple of these techniques together to learn and absorb information faster. For example, with a fairly well defined skillset like Rope Bondage - read a book AND practise on yourself safely AND practise with a friend AND go to a class AND talk about it with other enthusiasts AND give a short speech on why you love it AND teach somebody what you know AND .... will allow you to pick it up quicker, retain it better, and articulate it more directly than just doing any one of the above techniques.