Security & Privacy Tools

I also have a downloadable checklist in the Downloads page.
Security and Privacy are important concerns. Your communications, habits and general day-to-day life need to be shielded from occasionally hostile outside influences and the modern public. When you need to protect your Family or yourself these are the Tools I have found useful. 

The Fabulous Five - The Must Haves

Get and use all of these. If you aren't using these, you should be.
Texting and Calls - Signal
Email (Simple) - ProtonMail OR TutaNota
Password Bank - BitWarden
VPN - ProtonVPN OR Mullvad
Browsing the Internet - Firefox with uBlock Origin (Adblocker)

The Basics

Encrypted Text Messaging and Voice Calls
Signal - Preferred
Encrypted Email - Hosted by Someone Else

Web Browsing

Firefox - I never use anything else.

Search Engines

Habit Building and Tracking

Task Assignment and Management

AdBlockers - Use this one. - Harder to use. Blocks ads from being visable, but it clicks all ads in the background to mess up Google and Facebooks tracking of you by creating a huge volume of fake date. Fun. - Creates fake Web Searches to throw off Google and Facebook. Preferred and Highly Recommended. - Intermediate to Advanced level. Redirects all home DNS queries from all network devices and blackholes all the advertisements. Blocks ads in *everything*, though a little complex to set up.

Password Managers and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) - Get a Family Account

VPN Services - The best, by far. Highly Recomended. - A little easier to use than MullVad.

Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication - Get a Family Account

Not as Good, but still alright -,

Secure Notetaking Apps 

The Extras - Not As Important but Still Good to Have

Running Multiple Identities to fool Advertisers 

Sending Large Files Securely

Large Scale Encrypted, Anonymous Group Chat - Not Anonymous

Self Destructing, Read Once, Anonymous Messaging 

Encrypted Email - Hosted by You

VPN - Hosted by You

Tracking Family Members Phones and Locations for Safety

GPS Tracking Lost or Stolen Devices

Security Focused Cloud Storage Services 

Full Disk Encryption Software

Checking if your Service has been Hacked