Getting in Touch

Sending me an email

Email is the best way to get in touch with me, so send me an email about anything you like. I will reply to every single one, thats a promise. So send your questions! 

Arranging a phone conversation

If your question is complex, or you want to discuss a topic of mutual interest, then I prefer you send me an email first with the details of your question or topic using the manner above, then use this link to book a time. It takes timezone differences and my availiability into account automatically, don't worry.

Use this link to book a time to chat - 

To keep things running smoothly, please observe the following conditions: 

  • Include your phone number with dialling codes or Discord handle in the form.
    • If using Discord, send me a friend request - (I can be found on this server -
    • If using Phone Numbers, install Signal or Whatsapp prior to our conversation.
  • Be ready to chat 10 minutes before the booked time.
  • Have your questions ready or ideally emailed to me in advance.

Saying "Thank you!"

You've found my work, listened to my Voice, and loved it. Or you have read one of my educational articles and used it to improve your sex life or your relationship, or you simply respect what I'm doing. Here's the best ways to keep me online.

First Preference - PUT WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED INTO ACTION. The single best thing you can do to say thank you is actually use this stuff. I began this because I want to see peoples lives made better by what I put out there. So use it, teach these techniques to your partner, teach your friends, teach anyone you can. Invest in yourself and your own life. I believe that you are worth it, I truly do. They work for everybody and they'll work for you.

I have erotic audios and educational products HERE.

Second Preference - Post in one of these Discord Servers that you liked my work - HERE or HERE - just something like "I liked this file, felt good, would listen again 10 /10" (you can even copy this text if you like). Tell one friend where you found that hot erotic audio or where you learned that new technique.

Third Preference - Do a random act of kindess for a family member in my name. Families are so important. I was lucky to have a Mum and Dad who raised me well, but I had a lot of friends growing up who didn't have that, or parents at all. Call your parents, brother or sister and just talk to them. If you don't have a birth family, make a family from the people you love, call them and connect. Just connect. Its worth it.