Fitness & Health Resources

You may wish to lose weight, gain muscle, or teach your submissive property to do the same. Fitness is an extremely deep subject and well beyond the scope of this paragraph, but below you will find some great apps and books I have used. You'll also find several printable handouts in the Downloads section.

The Best Sources of Fitness and Workout Advice - Listen to his Podcast - Join their Newsletter - I haven't bought anything besides the book so I can't speak to whether they are worth it, but there are a lot of free resources on the site.

Books on Fitness

Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade - The Best Book on Bodyweight Exercises.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe - The Best Book on Lifting Weights.

Becoming a Supple Leopard - A great book on Stretching and Mobility.

Diet and Eating Plan Resources

The Slow Carb Diet

Useful Workout, Fitness and Diet Tracking Applications - Simple to use Workout Tracker. Recommended. - Starting Strengths Official App. Highly Recommended. - An alternate form of Starting Strength. Not as simple. - Best Daily Calorie and Meal Tracker. Period. - Body Fat Tracking. - Intermittant Fasting Tracking. - Only useful for Intermediate / Advanced Lifters.