Finding Others to Play With

A Note of Caution

The Erotic Hypnosis "Community" is one of the filthiest cesspools of utterly and unrepentantly mentally ill people on the face of the earth. There are good people there, perhaps 1 in 100, but their efforts to improve the health and activity of the interest is completely swamped by the sheer collective mental illnesses of others.

Overall I can not recommend engaging with what passes for an online Erotic Hypnosis "Community" (it doesn't really exist) at all, it will only lead to pain, wasted time, and the unfufilment of knowing that things didn't have to be this way, but yet - they are. Operate from the way that it is, not the way that you wish it were.

To repeat - the online erotic hypnosis "community" is a cesspool of so many unapologetically mentally ill individuals enabled by the mental illnesses and social dysfunctions of others, that I recommend you avoid it completely. There is literally nothing of value there, you'll have more luck finding people to play with in your local city.

You do not need "the Communities" permission to enjoy the the things you like, you can do the things you enjoy without their permission, encouragement, or approval. You don't need it to explore trance, or be yourself, and you never have

Many others around the world are trying to build something better, and I wish them all the best and have actively contributed personally to the success of several smaller, local groups. But the online erotic hypnosis "community" instantly excommunicates anyone who disagrees with anyone else on anything, fractious, argumentative, and is shockingly unhealthy to engage with on anything but an extreemly casual level, and for that reason I cannot endorse participation in it as being healthy for the individual or of any benefit in any real way.

The links to Discord (a chat service) servers are included here only in an attempt to filter out the worst of the garbage, but to tell you the truth - all of the accomplished, skilled erotic hypnotists gave up online "communities" years ago as being unbearably, unrepentantly toxic, and have formed local, in person groups. I encourage you to seek out in-person meetups in public places and to always take responsibility for your own safety and health - physical and especially mental. 

Erotic Hypnosis Discord Servers

General Social and Hypnosis Servers

There's others, but these are pretty much the best ones out there.
Pendulum Palace - 
Nimja - - Discord Link is private and paid for, but a very active community and apparently worth joining. He also helps to organise HYDE, an Erotic Hypnosis Convention in Europe, listed below.
The Pink Room - 
Hypnodolls - - A well maintained room run by Lex, who also produces high-quality hypnoporn which you should check out HERE (it's good stuff).

Specialist Servers

Less active, but more geared towards a specific purpose.
Two Hyp Chicks Podcast Discord Room -
Mind Massaging Machine -

Erotic Hypnosis In-Person Meetups

UK / United Kingdom

London Hypnosis Collective -
Manchester Hypnosis Munch -
Auld Sleepie (Edinburgh Hypno Munch) -