Erotic Hypnosis Reading List


This list is for people who are unhappy with the common cry online of "just buy a copy of Mind Play and read it and then go find someone to practise with". I see you out there struggling in an often-unfriendly, often-unwelcoming and often-highly-politically-charged hypnokink "Community", just trying to make your way, and this list is my gift to you.

The most important thing to remember is this: Erotic Hypnosis is just a subset of ordinary Hypnosis Techniques with some sexy content thrown in - the same techniques still apply (Erotic Hypnosis can be considered a subset of a broader category of "Hypnosis" of which Stage and Therapeutic work are also subsets). Learning general hypnosis will make you a better erotic hypnotist - once that solid,practised hypnotic technique is combined with some awesome, sexy content. Take inspiration from from everywhere - I myself have taken inspiration for some of my best Scenes from Nanotechnology, Harry Potter (Imperius Curse anyone?), the TV show Tru Blood (Vampirism and being drained of will and strength, ownership and hierarchy - this show is a gold mine), Pharmacology, books, movies, broader or famous scenes in media. You can use anything you and your partner enjoy to take both of you on a journey of fun, domination, sexy awakening, or just plain old brainwashing.

Below you will find a fairly comprehensive list of hypnosis and erotic hypnosis specific textbooks and written resources, the result of many years of my own reading, study and research. For further content on the subject of Erotic Hypnosis check out the Links page for some good EH podcasts, websites and other useful software, educational resources, etc. Mark Cunninghams Essential Renegade Hypnosis is good but definitely not for people without a strong foundational skillset and a developed sense of ethics.

Notable Authors: James Gordon, LeeAllure, Mark Wiseman, Peter Masters, Flagg, Joseph Crown.

Learning Erotic Hypnosis - The HLSS Cards

Get these Cards - They are free ($6 for shipping) and they come with a series of videos on their use. They are the single most effective tool I have found for creating and teaching effective hypnotists, and this includes erotic hypnotists. (Though the cards themselves are not erotic in nature, it's very simple to layer in erotic content when you practice). Buy them, use them. You will have to click through a few pages of marketing fluff on the website to get to the purchase page, just scroll down and move forward. They are worth it.

Core (Required) Texts

TLDR: Pick any one of these three, depending on which one appeals to you the most. "Mastering Erotic Hypnosis" is a classic textbook, with each part of the book broken into sections and covers a wider range of specific hypnofetish niches like Puppy / Kitty Transformations, Robotisation, and more hypnotic phenomena as does "Mind Play". They are both roughly equivalent in content. The other introductory text on the subject by Peter Masters is shorter, tightly written and very easy to apply - important in an introductory text designed to be USED, not simply read.

Mastering Erotic Hypnosis by James Gordon

Look Into My Eyes by Peter Masters

Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis by Mark Wiseman

Specialised (Optional) Texts

For teaching Erotic Hypnosis Classes

The Mind Play Study Guide by Mark Wiseman

On Creating Hypnotic Amnesia

Hypnotic Amnesia: The Book You Remember on How to Forget by LeeAllure

Mindfucks and Edgeplay with Hypnosis

The Forked Tongue Revisited: A handbook for treating people badly by Flagg

Combining Sex and Erotic Hypnosis

The Art of Erotic Hypnosis by C. Charles - Not great, listed here for completeness.

For an Introduction to Hypnosis and combining it with Kink, Fetishism and BDSM

Beyond Games of Trance by Alex Tsander (Direct Download in "Downloads - Hypnosis" section)

Managing a Hypnosis-based Relationship

The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers by Joseph Crown

Safety Note - Joseph Crowns sections on creating "alters" can cause permanent and dangerous side effects. Avoid using those techniques unless you have been specifically trained in them by a Professional and understand how to resolve and dissolve them. If you require assistance in undoing them or the work of other hypnotists, use the Contact page to get in touch.

The Non-Erotic Hypnosis Reading List

Hypnosis is a complex skillset, and for that reason not all of it's different facets (Erotic, Theraputic, Stage, Comedy, etc) need to be grasped before you actually start practising with a partner, merely the fundamentals. The basic skills of a successful and effective Hypnosis Session include how to establish authority, how to set up a session, establish boundaries, negotiate content, induce trance, deliver on the experience, handle any negative reactions, and emerge with positive suggestions. Adding extra techniques from the Erotic or Therapeutic fields (if you're feeling daring / have been appropriately trained) can come after a solid basis of experience has been established. For that, any one of the books below in the Introductory Texts will do, there is no need to read all of them as there is a significant overlap in content covered.


A Note of Caution: Some of these Therapeutic based techniques are significantly more powerful than simple direct suggestion and can result in changes that are difficult to undo. Always consider the end goal, the capabilities and desires of yourself and your subject, and your technical abilities and moral character when going deeper into longer term change. My solid advice to you is to always learn how to UNDO an effect, before you learn how to apply it - and to only apply effects that you personally know how to undo. If you get stuck and need a hand - contact me for advice here.

Notable Authors: Micheal Yapko, Melissa Tiers, Graham Old, The Rogue Hypnotist, Milton Erickson, Steven Heller, C Roy Hunter, Chase Hughes.

Hypnosis Books - Beginners / Introductory Level Texts

Almost anything by The Rogue Hypnotist but especially How to Hypnotise Anyone

The Inductions Masterclass (A set of 6 books) by Graham Old

Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis by Micheal Yapko

Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change by Melissa Tiers

Hypnosis Books - Intermediate and Advanced Level Texts

Once you've mastered the basics and have 4 - 6 months of SOLID practice under your belt with either Erotic or Non-Erotic Hypnosis (lets be honest, most of you are probably here to learn how to give your partner wild, incredible orgasms) you can move on to these:

Mostly Practical

My Voice Will Go With You by Milton Erickson
Don't Look in His Eyes by Jonathon Chase

Mostly Theoretical

Your Perception is Reality by Micheal C. White
Provocative Hypnosis by Jorgen Rasmussen