Free Downloads


You'll find all the free downloads linked here, in one easy-to-grab-everything package.

In that folder you will find:

  • A full collection of all of my free hypnotic and non-hypnotic audios
  • Erotic Hypnosis Scripts
  • Examples of a wide variety of Ds and Ms Contracts, all realistic and workable examples I've painstakingly gathered from friends or written myself over the years.
  • Worksheets and Templates from my Workshops on Submissive Training
  • Guides to fun sex games and conflict resolution protocols
  • Printable templates on organising a Multi-slavegirl Household
  • Instructional Images on posture training, dinner service, etc
  • Rare PDF's on everything from High Protocol Dinner Parties to Posture Training, all of which are currently out of print

Mostly, I became sick of emailing links to people, so now I can say "It's on the Website" and let them figure it out.

You can download the whole collection as a single .ZIP file or individually by file.