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I've produced an incredible amount of content of my last few years of passionately exploring Erotic Hypnosis, it's all been gathered here for ease of use.

How to (Hypnotically) Train Your Submissive

26 audios (2+ hours), 6 printable handouts. This is a complete recording of a 2+ hour class that I taught on How to Train Your Submissive. It features a through explanation of foundational training concepts, live demonstrations of both Operant Conditioning and Erotic Hypnosis being used for training purposes and a comprehensive troubleshooting Q and A session. This program is a complete, top to bottom entry-to-mid-level introduction on how to train someone who you are in a relationship with, to be in your service – sexually, domestically and in any way you choose.


As well as teaching effective general principles of training, covering attributes and traits of an effective Trainer and Trainee, it includes live demonstrations of two powerful methodologies – Operant Conditioning and Hypnotic Conditioning – and how to apply them specifically to the subtle art of Slave and Submissive Training. It covers potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, includes full scripts for hypnotic conditioning and implanting powerful positive triggers, and is the result of many years of development, experimentation and practical experience from my own life as a Master to multiple live-in slavegirls.


❤️ Podcast ❤️ 

I run a highly informative podcast where I talk about slave training, erotic hypnosis, relationship skills and how to create and improve a D/s relationship. 

The Podcast

Paid Audio Sessions

I have a number of very popular hypnosis sessions centred around brainwashing female submissives into accepting pleasure, embracing submission, being used for pleasure and taking pride in themselves.

Erotic Recordings

Free Audio Sessions

I plan to release dozens of free erotic hypnosis recordings. You can stream them all for free here and listen to my soft, smooth, warm voice clean out all the dirt from your mind.

Free Audio Recordings

Free Documents and Resources

Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of rare, useful and interesting resources on slave and submissive training, hypnokink, and D/s relationships.

There's everything from printable guides to high protocol dinner parties, pictures of slave positions, to free ebooks on hypnosis, to how to handle negotiation checklists, to a number of full slave contracts, to self improvement worksheets, to information on running a Multi-slavegirl Household (pretty much all of which I've written myself). It's all free, and it's all my gift to you.

Download the whole thing as a .ZIP File

Media Appearances

I've done an interview talking about how much fun erotic hypnosis can be between loving, enthusiastic partners, featured on Australia's National Radio Broadcaster that went out to over a million people, you can listen to that at this link.

The ABC Interview