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I always wanted to be a Teacher.

Spending 4 years getting a degree to teach just seemed like a waste of time. So I went and spent those four years learning, living, loving women and studying, and I've never looked back. 

The goal of this site is to be the single best location for resources on Erotic Hypnosis in the World.

This website is my gift to you. Dominance, Erotic Hypnosis and Improving as a Man are all subjects I am deeply passionate about. I see a world choked by political correctness and weak advice that keeps people trapped, held back from happiness, fufillment connection and real intimacy with their partner. Maybe you've felt that, maybe you haven't. Either way, this website is a place for me to speak my mind, share what I've learned, and help a few young people along the way.

If you have a problem with any of the content on this site, I don't care.

Table of Contents

This website is divided into sections. 

When it comes to content - I believe in only the highest quality over quantity. Half of the problem is there is so much information out there that sucks, finding the really good stuff takes years of research. I've done all that for you, so you can skip that struggle and focus that energy on growing yourself instead. Any products I recommmend are the best of the best. Unlike other websites, I'll also usually list the crap ones that didn't make the cut, and sometimes why they didn't.

Products is where you'll find my audio programs, hypnosis audio sets, and other content that I've produced on Erotic Hypnosis. It's good stuff, you should buy it.

Free Downloads is where you'll find a large shared folder file of things gathered from around the internet, everything from images and instructional videos to software for brainwashing. Most people just download the whole thing and look through it later on.

Reading Lists are comprehensive curriculums on quickly becoming skilled in Hypnosis, Erotic Hypnosis, Dominance or as a desirable and worthy Submissive.

Audios are where you'll find a large number of erotic and theraputic audio recordings. I also read gentle bedtime stories, do deep brainwashing sessions, guided masturbations and slave entrainment. Most people go here first.

The rest of the content is divided into sections under who is likely to find it most enjoyable - Erotic Hypnotists, Dominants, or Submissives. Roam around, read anything you like.

I've also done a very well received radio interview with Australia's National Broadcaster, which you might enjoy listening to, the link to listen to it can be found here.

Process Maps

There is always the risk that by outlining the different services and processes I have developed through years of research and careful experimentation that one of the tiny handful of deranged, pathetic losers out there will go on another whiny twitter / tumblr rant about whatever thing they've decided to be offended by this week, absolutely heartbroken that I'm still outproducing them and doing what I love.

This website is for all of you, the beautiful people, the proud, the ones favored by your gods. This website is here to save you from having to do all that work evaluating, researching, painstakingly building a foundation from nothing. Skip all of that, use these (90% totally free) services to do all the heavy lifting, and turn your minds and hearts to building something beautiful, something enticing, something entrancing. 
They are ordered in rough order of usefulness to someone starting completely from scratch. If I like a service and it does what I want, I have no problem paying for quality, and you shouldn't either. Anything without a price next to it is free.
Copies of all software for creating brainwashing content can be found in a clearly labelled folder in the Downloads section.

Privacy and Security

Not all, but a part of my security setup - I only text through Signal and Whatsapp. All of my devices are connected to a VPN constantly through MullVad ($50 a year), and I use ProtonMail for secure email though I am considering a switch to Lavabit. I browse the internet with Firefox and uBlock Origin adblocker, along with BitWarden to secure my passwords. I use StandardNotes for securely keeping notes. 

Creating an extreemely Cheap, Hack-proof, beautiful Website

I used NameCheap for my DNS and routing ($10 a year). I used their Namecheap Logo Maker to build the Logo for this site. I use Netlify for my hosting, as it's free and offers SSL as standard. I use Publii for constructing and uploading the website, its fast and easy to use. For this website I use the Documentation Theme ($30, once off). I track vital site and traffic statistics using Clicky, and use Soundgasm to host my Audios, and Anchor to distribute my Podcast. When I open up a storefront, it will be through GetDPD or SnipKart

Creating Written Content

Depending on the content, it can vary a little as sometimes I'll use Evernote to capture ideas. Generally when I’m writing, I use WorkFlowy for the Outline and Research Phase, Cold Turkey Writer ($10, once off) for the initial draft. I write all my posts and pages in Evernote. Final formatting and adding links is done in Publii before publishing to the site. I'm currently writing a book, and for that I use Scrivener

Creating Audio Content

When creating audio content, I’ll start the outline in WorkFlowy, export the OPML then hang ideas on it in Evernote, then record in Audacity using my AudioTechnica 2020USB+, my Sony MDR-7506 headphones or my Rode Lavalier GO Lapel mic before uploading the audio to Soundgasm for hosting and then creating a direct link on my website. If it’s a podcast Episode, I’ll upload it to Anchor instead. I keep local copies of all audios and production files backed up in ARQ ($50, once off), configured to a local backup drive and also cloud storage and I test my backups monthly.  

Creating Brainwashing Content

I talk in more detail about this HERE.

Images  - For downloading content to incorporate into brainwashing image slideshows, I use the Firefox Extension Downthemall or JDownloader to grab image sets from imagefap around a particular theme, then caption them with a paid account (no watermark) on IMGFLIP ($4, per month), then load them into FLIPFLIP for brainwashing sessions. 

Audio - I'll create the script in WorkFlowy, develop it in Evernote, record and edit out the background noise in Audacity, then upload it to Soundgasm.
Video - I'll use XXX to create video, then throw it up on a home built Plex Media Server so I can push it seamlessly to any room in the house, or online.
VR - I'll use the latest version of the SessionMaker for the Mind Melting Machine ($20, once off) to bring in written, image and audio content I've previously created myself then wirelessly push it to my Oculus Go for use.  

Arranging Play and paid Training Sessions with Clients

People will get in touch via email or through the website, I'll then send them a link to a JotForm to collect necessary information and use Harmonizely to align schedules for a brief phone conversation over SignalWhatsapp or Discord. If I want to see them during the session, I'll have them download the portable Zoom Client

Who am I?

I am a Male Erotic Hypnotist and unconventional Dominant based in Melbourne, Australia. I've been exploring hypnosis, dominance and edgeplay for a long time and write and produce my own educational content. My hobbies include engineering, rock climbing, camping, philosophy, gaming and baking. I use hypnosis for kinky sex, training and improvement of others as well as the improvement of myself. Have Fun, and if you want to get in touch use this link.