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This page contains links to a huge variety of resources, covering hypnokink as well as submissive and dominant training resources, leatherworking, useful software, other kink websites, assessment tools and much more. Explore freely! 


At the link below you will find a rough collection of various useful templates, scripts, PDF's, training tools and many more things besides, gathered from the dark and uncommonly-visited corners of the internet and put in one location for your viewing pleasure (and convenience). Mostly, I became sick of emailing links to people, so now I can say "It's on the Website" and let them figure it out.

You can download the whole collection as a single .ZIP file or individually by file if you prefer. 

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Resources and Links

Table of Contents

READ THIS: The Best of the Best

To make it easier for people than having to scroll through the exhaustive list of resources mentioned below, I've gathered the most common needs people have here, along with the best single resource on that subject. Enjoy, and remember - Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

The Best Single Resource on ...

... becoming a Powerful and Effective Dominant is:

... being a Healthy and Happy Submissive is:

... becoming a great Hypnotist (do this first) is:

... becoming an EROTIC Hypnotist (do this second) is:

... brainwashing your consenting Partner is:

... casual dating and picking up girls:

... having fulfilling and rewarding relationships is:

... getting yourself out of being a Nice Guy and setting boundaries as a Man:

... treating your own Depression is:

(Erotic) Hypnosis Specific Resources

List of Useful Hypnosis Software

List of Erotic Hypnosis Conferences and Conventions 

List of Erotic Hypnosis Websites

List of Erotic Hypnosis Podcasts

Power in Practice - Podcast URL

Two Hyp Chicks

List of Erotic Hypnosis Youtube Channels

Two Hyp Chicks 

List of Writings on Erotic Hypnosis and Kink - Australia's National Radio Broadcaster invites someone on to talk about Erotic Hypnosis. Very informative. - A Submissive's perspective on their hypnosis fetish. - how do you explain a hypno fetish? - a Feminist embraces submission and finds happiness and contentment. - A decent beginners guide. - A list of English Techniques, useful for use in hypnosis. - Another decent beginners guide. - Research studies on Hypnosis and it's effects. - Female Orgasms without awareness or stimulation. - Hypnosis is a real thing, apparently.

List of Erotic Hypnosis Educational Resources

See the excellent and comprehensive booklist I have on this HERE.

Non-Hypnosis Related Resources

List of Kink Conferences and Conventions to Attend




List of Melbourne based Kink and Sex Toy Suppliers

List of Gold Coast based Kink and Sex Toy Suppliers

Most of these will quite happily ship to anywhere in Australia - just get in touch!

List of WorldWide Kink and Sex Toy Suppliers

List of Kink Websites



List of Kink-Related Youtube Channels

List of Sources of Self-Improvement Hypnosis

Ranked in order of preference.

List of Male Self-Improvement Organisations

List of Resources on Body Composition Alteration

You may wish to lose weight, gain muscle, or teach your submissive property to do the same. Fitness is an extreemly deep subject and well beyond the scope of this paragraph, but below you will find some great apps and books I have used. You'll also find several printable handouts in the Downloads section.

The Best Sources of Fitness and Workout Advice

Books on Fitness

Useful Workout, Fitness and Diet Tracking Applications

List of Submissive / Dominant Assessment Tools

The Essentials

Extra Assessment Tests

List of Sex, Kink and Hypnosis Educational Providers 

Erotic Hypnosis Education

Rope Bondage and Tying

Dominance and Mastery Education

Sex and Fucking

Hypnosis Education

See the excellent and comprehensive booklist I have on this HERE.

List of Tools for Managing a Household

 I also have a downloadable checklist in the Downloads page.

Security and Privacy are important concerns. The security and privacy of your Household is of the utmost priority. Your communications, habits and general day-to-day life need to be shielded from occasionally hostile outside influences and the modern public. When you need to protect your Family, these are the Tools I have found useful.

The Essentials - The Must Haves


  • iPhone's

Encrypted Text Messaging and Voice Calls

Encrypted Email

Web Browsing

Search Engines

Habit Building and Tracking

Task Assignment and Management


Password Managers and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

VPN Services

Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication

Secure Notetaking Apps

The Extras - Not As Important but Still Good to Have

Sending Large Files Securely

Large Scale Encrypted, Anonymous Group Chat

Tracking Family Members Phones and Locations for Safety

GPS Tracking Lost or Stolen Devices

Security Focused Cloud Storage Services

Full Disk Encryption Software

Checking if your Service has been Hacked

List of Useful Methodologies in running a Household

Methodology - a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.

There are a number of effective and useful systems that you can use to organise your house and teach to your Submissives and Slaves. These are simple, easily learnable systems - take the best from them, discard what doesn't work, and add in what is uniquely your own.

List of Kink Podcasts

Power in Practice 

List of Melbourne-Based Leathercrafting Supply Stores

List of Melbourne-Based Leathercrafting Courses

Tools used to build this Website

Building your own website is easy, can be done for less than a dollar a month in hosting and is a great way to market yourself. Email me if you have any questions on your own!