After years of exploring erotic hypnosis, I became frustrated with the way that resources were scattered across the internet and very difficult to find, and with the trial-and-error of learning and growing my own hypnosis and dominance skills. This website is my attempt to solve that problem by gathering key resources into a central location and making them easily and freely available to anyone who wants them.

On this website you will find heaps of FREE content including scripts, audio sessions, recommended reading booklists, PDFS, and a huge variety of other content under Downloads and in Reading Lists (I'm particularly proud of the Reading Lists).

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First, Listen to me talk about Erotic Hypnosis on Australia's Nation-wide Radio.

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If you want to know more about Dominance start here, if you are interested in becoming a better Submissive start here. If you are interested in becoming a more capable and powerful Erotic Hypnotist, start here

I hope that this site helps you helps you to find what you are looking for and develop what it is you are working on in yourself. I like it when people ask me questions, use the simple contact form here to ask me anything. This site is growing rapidly, there are a number of people working on it behind the scenes and new content is being posted up every week.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I've been exploring hypnosis and edgeplay for a long time and write and produce my own educational content. My hobbies include engineering, rock climbing, camping, philosophy, gaming and baking.

I use hypnosis for kinky sex, training and improvement of others as well as the improvement of myself.

Have Fun!